“What’s Your Goal Weight?”

by | Apr 10, 2023 | General, Nutrition

“What’s your goal weight?”

This is something that you will never hear me ask a nutrition client. I always ask about goals and, more importantly, the “WHY” behind the goals but never about a goal weight. However, often when asked why people are seeking nutrition or fitness help, this elusive “goal weight” comes up in conversation.

I am always intrigued when people have an exact number on the scale that they want to see to be “satisfied” with themselves. The thought that somehow their own interpretation of how they see themselves in the mirror will change that much with a certain number on the scale is interesting. Why? Because I have met many people that have also expressed that when they were that weight, they also weren’t that happy with their bodies.

It’s not that having a goal (even a large goal) is bad, it’s that we have a goal where we are not in control of the outcome. No matter how hard you try or the effort you put in, you can’t control what the scale says. You could adopt super positive habits and increase your quality of life, but you still can’t control the number it shows you. Often, this is setting us up for feeling like a failure for no real reason.

Instead of a “goal weight”, try considering one of these goals to work on:

–          Your Habits – We are a product of our habits over the long term. Setting goals that are in your control and manageable for the rest of your life is the way to start. Going to the gym 3 days a week for a year or eating a piece of fruit every single day is a giant step in the right direction for long term quality of life.

–          Performance Goals – Maybe you have some goals in the gym that you can focus your effort on. Focusing on what your body can do for you instead of what the scale says can be a refreshing new viewpoint.

Let’s focus on our health rather than an arbitrary number on a scale. If you need some help re-defining “health” for yourself, come chat with us. Thanks for reading and have and awesome day!