Nutrition Client: Emma

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Nutrition

Here is Emma’s take on her journey and how the Rocked Nutrition Program has given her confidence and control over her nutrition choices!

“My biggest struggle was the whole “diet starts Monday” mentality. I expected perfection from myself so if I slipped up, I’d just binge until the next day/Monday/month etc and start fresh.

It made me feel like a constant failure because I couldn’t stick to any diet for more than a few days.

You helped by giving me the tools to feel in control of my food and nutrition! Now I know that I’m allowed to have a treat every now and then and it won’t throw me completely off track or lead to binging. I just continue on with my meals as normal and I feel better in the mornings since I’m not stuffing myself or snacking all evening.

Since Jan 2019 I’ve lost 20lbs and most importantly I’ve kept it off the entire time. In my opinion, my biggest win is that I’ve stopped yo-yo’ing. The scale doesn’t move much anymore but I’m consistently at the gym 5 days a week and I can tell that my body composition is still changing even though my weight isn’t. I’m still hitting PR’s every now and then, lifting weights I never dreamed possible 3 years ago and to me, that’s a bigger win than losing a pound or two!”

Keep crushin’ it Emma!