Looking Back To Set New Goals

by | Jan 9, 2023 | General

This is a really common time of year to look ahead and think about the things that we want to achieve for ourselves in the New Year. However, this year instead of looking “ahead” and setting goals, I urge you to look back instead.
I know this seems a little strange with a fresh new start about to happen, but hear me out. This year I want you to reflect back on the year that just happened (2022). It’s your real life – your habits, your routines, your ups and your downs. Think hard about the happiest YOU in the last year… what did those days look like? What made you happy in those moments?

I’m not just talking about the 2 week vacation that you took either, I am really asking you to think about specific days/weeks/months where you felt like you were in a positive place, in control of your life, and generally feeling good. What was it about those times that created those feelings?

If you did it once, you can do it again. Following this premise, start to create a goal that relates to your current life. What I mean is that from those positive times, take something tangible and repeatable and set a goal to do it more often, thus creating even more of that positivity in 2023.

While this process may seem over-simplified, this self-reflection is important to lead ourselves in the direction that we actually want to go in. You’ve already done these things in 2022, so focus on bringing more of them in 2023.
We are living in a very busy world or “worlds” if you count the world that social media creates on top of real life.

From my experience working with many people, we can sometimes make goals and decisions based on people’s/society’s expectations of us, and not based on what actually brings US happiness. Similarly, it is common to set goals that relate to things that we dislike about ourselves or our life that we are wanting to change. We set these goals but often have no systems (habits) in place to support them.

This year, build on what you’ve already done well and what brings YOU joy. More joy and more feelings of control will only spiral in a positive direction leading you to make more positive decisions for yourself in the future. Ultimately, a happy you is and will always be goal #1.

Looking forward to 2023 and hope you are too!